Sellers not giving feedback

I am a buyer and are forced into giving feedback when i buying from gameflip.
In the last 165 days i have brought 15 different items obly 2 sellers have bothered to give me feedback. Why should we be forced ibto giving feedback when sellers dont bother. Not that i dont mind giving feedback. I suggest that you force sellers to give feedback like you do to buyers

I think, its only your choice. If your seller cant leave any feedback, dont leave it too

Neither you nor the seller is obliged to give feedback. I’m usually too lazy to leave feedback (both buying & selling) as you just end up copy pasting the same thing. I also never feel offended if buyers/sellers don’t leave feedback - you can’t do anything with it anyway ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I made a sale on the site about 3 hours ago. But he writes 3 days as the time the money will pass to me.

My questions:
1: Can I shorten this time?
2: Can I withdraw the fee that I have earned, that will be transferred to me, to my own bank account?

Hello @furkanhan25,

All new sales proceeds are held in escrow for a temporary period of time. This is to prevent scammers from cashing out before they can be reported and investigated. Once this time period expires, you will be able to access the funds from your sales.

For more information on why your cash is/was pending, please check the information below:

As you establish a good selling record over a period of time, the number of days that the cash from completed sales is held will be reduced and may even be instantly available.

Also, once the hold of the proceeds is lifted, you will be able to choose a desired payout method and transfer the amount to a bank account.

The following Help Center article has more information regarding the methods you can use:

God Speed! :trident: