Seller's responsibilities

Hello everyone. Recently, I have sold a GTA V Rockstar Key to someone. Upon activation, the buyer has faced a bug within the launcher, which prompts the buyer to “Play On Steam” and upon clicking, nothing happens.

After further researching, I have found that this bug is due to Rockstar Launcher as the launcher detects already owned/installed games or GTA V related folders in the Steam folder. (Source below)

However, after pointing out these issues and threads to the buyer, buyer still demands a refund and has escalated the dispute. Here’s my question, am I obligated to help him solve this issue? I have since told him to contact Rockstar support as well, but if he does not listen to my input, must I continue to assist him on this matter? Additionally, will the dispute fall on my favor or his? I have demanded a screenshot of his redemption history multiple times but he has yet to send one.

Source on issue:


I would advise contacting Gameflip Support. If they require more info, they would ask you.
How is the dispute going? Send a ticket to Support while in dispute and also keep demanding a screenshot or rather video of his redemption history.

As long you gave a working Key to him, you should be fine. If it was an in game item, then he could ask you to cancel order etc. But codes/keys cannot be undone unless it is not Auto Delivery.

Read Below for Info About Disputes. (Very Helpful) and Required Evidences.

It happened to me once as well. Similar Case. When I was new to Gameflip, I bought a Google Play Giftcard. As it didn’t state it is in USD, I bought it. It was a working code but I couldn’t redeem it because my region isn’t US. Whose fault is it? It was a working code and he did send it as Auto Delivery so it’s the buyer’s fault (My Fault). He can’t possibly refund me the money because the code is already given. I gave it to an US friend in the end. (All google play cards are in USD unless stated otherwise is what I learnt)

But every case difers situation to situation so I can’t say what will happen. That’s just my opinion.


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