Sellers scam. .Gameflip Support helping him?

i think its the same thing, you just need to link your battlenet account and you will get your COD BO4… i sold many overwatch with humblebundle link before on gameflip… he give you humble link and you just link your battlenet account there. i think the seller forgot to add “humblebundle giftlink” on description… you are trying to resell it on other website and most likely they don’t accept humblegiftlink


sure i cant sell the links! i need a key. . . if seller forgot its not my fault !

now need to ask all the time like a stupid fool " It’s a key or gift? "

I was always sure that if not specified then by default it is the key

admins…do something please! i dont want to lose 20$ …i not activate this key

opened dispute gararantee you nothing :frowning: as i see . . .i must clicked hundreds buttons …buy wrong code … .open dispute…talk with seller…escalate dispute omg so hard! i opened dispute. .its not enought?

You put it on hold. If you read carefully when the hold page is showing you’ll see a message like this: " Issue Resolution Buyer must close or escalate issue within: XXhours:XXminutes:XXseconds"
Right under this message there is an option for escalating the issue.

It’s all the same to me. I got defective item anyway .not like in desctiption

In Product Liability, a defective product is one that cannot be used for the purposes it is intended to or is made dangerous as a result of a flaw or imperfection.
Did you try activating the code and it didn’t work or did it harm your PC in any way or form?
If the answer is “no”, then it’s not a defective product.
And if I read correctly above there was nowhere in the description of the product saying that you would receive a key, so you can’t really claim that it was “not like in description”.
I recommend you ask the seller next time before buying to avoid some headaches.

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ok now i will sell accounts and i willnot say about it…because like you said “was nowhere in the description of the product saying that you would receive a key”

good position…selling ■■■■ and dont said about it

2TheMoon, there is a big difference, as selling accounts is forbidden and will result in the suspension of your Gameflip account.

Please, DO NOT relist those accounts.

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i never selling accounts! but gifts and keys its a big differends you know? i not reciveved my key… so…i can buy steam gifts for 3-5 dollars and selling as key for 20$ ?

because doesnt matter how buyer will recieve the game

i still not recieved the game or my money :neutral_face:

As Ticio_Mevio mentioned before, you should contact the seller before purchasing and there are ways that allow you to do this. The seller already sent you the game.

Since this was not escalated to the support team (there wasn’t any intervention from us as the dispute was automatically closed after 5 days without escalation) and you already received the game or item as described by the seller, then this case is closed.

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I PM you yesterday can you check

Bryan_Granda_Muzo, please check my answer.

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sorry the system did not notify me I received a message

answered again thank you

The key tied to this gift was removed as it was replace by the Standard Edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 which was provided to the original purchaser. Sadly, we will not be replace or offer a new key for this gift as you obtained it through illegitimate means.