Sensoris copying my ad descriptions

I’ve always used this description in my ads -
-How to order:

  1. Include your Gamertag at checkout.
  2. I will add and invite you within 5-10 minutes when I’m online, 100% guaranteed.
  3. The item will be delivered to the Gamertag promptly.
  4. Enjoy your new item/credit(s) !

prices due to change without any notice due to market price fluctuations

This guy is using this as his as descriptions -

How to order:

  1. Include your XBOX Gamertag in order detail
  2. I will add you on XBOX and create in-game party for trade
  3. Get your item and confirm delivery
  4. Enjoy your items!

*All prices are subject to change without prior notice due to market price fluctuation
*If you found unreasonable price please contact me. I will consider to change :smiley:
*I’m only selling for cash. It means not accepting items offer

Tags: Sky Blue Shattered Sky Blue Goal for Xbox

Type: Goal, Color: Sky Blue


You’d be surprised how many sellers use this exact description on their listings. Its quite popular and ppl either copy it word for word or change a few words with synonyms/similar phrases to make it 'their own" which is dumb. It’s quite a clear & professional description. I hope you get your justice :slight_smile:

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Hello @Odd_Wolf,

I’m familiar with this since you had copied it from me. I personally know Sesoris and he was the person who used it and started it back in 2019.

Both him and I have the proof to show that we have been using it before you so the fact you are trying to demand this is ridiculous.

In the end, I don’t think anything will be done because Gameflip do not have any restrictions on this.