Should Gameflip give out temporary bans to timewasters?

So recently I’ve made a purchase for a $100 Amazon card discounted to $80, I’ve even used a coupon for it as well. However, this seller said it would take a day to deliver, then messaged me just a few hours after my purchase that his “team” is preparing the code, however after 24hrs of purchase not only did Gameflip not give me the option to cancel my order, since it says “Seller ends in 1 day”, but the seller just cancelled my order without notifying me or discuss with me beforehand in regards to this issue. Unfortunately the discount code I’ve used has now expired because the seller wasted my time, on top of that I’ve missed out on other deals as wel because the seller didn’t cancel my order (Or just not create the listing at all) knowing full well that he doesn’t have the code to sell. Just a side note, he ha other amazon card listings as well which was purchased by other victims and they haven’t received their code either (Based on his rating). I hope Gameflip look into this issue and perhaps place a temporary ban on this user for listing items that this seller don’t own or have to begin with.

Seller’s profile:

Name: Sergio Utsman!

Hello @War_Lord,

Contact @DarkKnight / @MajorTom / Gameflip support. They will make the decision.

For your future purchases, I always recommend people to buy Gift Cards only when the listing is ‘Instant Delivery’.

They look like this: image

Always check the seller’s feedback for any suspicious activity.
This is what I can tell you from experience and it has worked for me every time. I have never had a problem.

Hello, thanks for the response but I usually always buy manual delivery with 1 day due to the fact that it’s cheaper in comparison, however I haven’t had many issues with manual delivery besides with this particular seller

Hello @War_Lord,

That’s fine. Next time, double check that the seller is reputable and safe. :wink:

Have you opened a ticket with Gameflip Support?

If not,

Hello @War_Lord,

I’m sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused.

I have put a flag on the user’s account and we will keep a watch for further suspicious activity.

I would also recommend purchasing from sellers with more positive ratings, since the seller is new at Gameflip.

God Speed! :trident:

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