Should I do it?

The buyer bought my code for 58.00 and has no reviews should I trust them?

They have up to 3 days to give a review

What if they open a dispute ?

No I’m saying
Say you put a item up for sell
I buy it
I get it and it’s the right items
I can rate you right then or I can wait
The time give me 3 days to rate you

They give ppl 3 days to rate because it may take time to send item or met up or if there any issues or give them time to open a dispute.

If you give them the item they can rate you right then or wait but the max they can wait is 3 days
After 3 days the system will auto rate you If they didnt open a dispute or rate you by the 3 day timer

Yeah I’m just scared they are going to use the code than open the dispute

I’ve had multiple bad experiences with buyers that have no reviews

I think if they was going fo open it they would of already did it. It seen like they use the code and forgot to rate.