Still Wondering

So AGES ago i complained about me having no justice. So u sat down and thought about all the possible actions that could’ve been taken response against so im appealing again.
From my previous appeals you will get the story. Im not putting a summary im just saying however. My main problem is there is no rule about having to complain a certain amount of times to get banned from the site which is why @DunnBiscuit actually banned me the first time i complained. Basically i’m saying that if the code that i have is failing to work on my computer AND i have contacted microsoft account service i should not be the one to blame for anything to do with a ban. ALSO it also states that any screenshots have to be done on a computer not any other device. Why i feel like i was falsely banned was because: A. No warning/Rule about to my appeals for refunds. B. Because my only PC in my house is being slighty annoying and wont allow me to use a code to use on something for my xbox games, i should be banned for that reason. C. I understand there is a risk for the owner of that code if he/she were to sell it again that it may have been used already. In that specific case i believe that the owner should provide it to someone else that he wont sell it to like a friend or family or to just scrap and deal with the fact that the buyer cannot use his code. I feel like i should be unbanned for these 3 reasons if anything to comply with these reasons then please reply to me as soon as possible.

Code: 4XMLGF