Suggest identity verification for new sellers

There are some sellers new to the site and listed a few products on their site but they are similar to each other. I think they belong to one person. However I still purchased a few codes from them and it turned out that my gut was true. None of the codes worked and sellers cancelled the orders after I showed the proof of dispute. I used to be scammed once when I just joined the site and the seller knew that I was new so he made it. I didn’t know how to open the dispute and submit the proof at that time but it’s not the case anymore. I’m not saying those newbie are not legit but it’s quite a hassle when my money was being held for a few days, especially new members when everything is under review. Had I been new like them and had a few or no feedback, I could’ve lost money.

So I suggest to get identity verification of new sellers. It will reduce the fraud and multiple accounts, people will have more confident when buying, especially new buyers.

I typically buy mainly from those with Verified badge or those with high reputation score and long time member.

If most people do that, new (and good) sellers will quickly learn that they can earn more sales having their identity verified.

Forcing people to verify their identity if they only want to sell for a few dollars does not look worth it.