Suggestion about cancels

Might I suggest some way of making sure sellers hold true to their sales because the amount of cancels I tend to get is quite ridiculous. On any other platform, excessive cancels comes with consequences and I definitely feel like people take advantage of the lack of. Not to mention the amount of sellers who are selling product they don’t have because they don’t buy it until they sell it which I think should also be against the rules.

Hello @kazafkaz!

Thanks for the feedback.

I will inform the team about your idea ok.

Hope you have a great day!

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This is a very old problem and I see no reason anything besides auto-delivery for digital codes to exist. Why would anyone need to deliver a code in three days? Everyone can spam the site with bunch of exotic titles they don’t have and don’t intend to buy unless there is a buyer that already paid for it in advance. Risk free and unfair way of doing business, you should’ve prevented this long ago.

that is like the only reason i post without autodelivery, no one request me a specific card so i just post something new sometimes so i dont lose the money on something that im not sure if its gonna sell someday, i can spend the cash on bestselling autodelivery listings (restock only)

yes, one day is good. actually, i know the reason someone would need 3 days, its just some payments, deposits and withdraws that may take some business days in order to buy more cards, but 3 days is not enough as 2 entire days could be a weekend and it all can be done before and then the code is purchased and sent under 10 minutes