Suggestions for small grey area

Hey there, currently would like to just give a quick suggestion or atleast bring a case and point scenario that the platform fails to address! Mind you I enjoy everything gameflip has to offer, with that said this is only constructive for the betterment off the platform!

Basically assume I have a listing that includes multiple in game items ie 5 in that listing. Someone purchases said listing, and I send the item. I go to deliver all of the items, but seller only takes 3 (best items in this scenario). Then they leave and politely ask if they are able to comeback at a later time to retrieve the rest. They still have 2 items left to claim.

Now the problem arises, seller no longer has half of the listing, and the buyer has over half of received goods but not all included due to there own error. (What I mean by that is that for example you can put in the listing subscription required for said items warning them prior to purchasing)

The seller is then forced with a conundrum, since gameflip states you cannot marked delivered until the item has been fully delivered.

The seller could do one of two things currently with the way the app/site is setup.

  1. they can calmly explain to the buyer that since the item has been partially delivered, that you would like to mark it as delivered, but insure them to not confirm the delivery until they comeback to receive the remainder of the listing! Insure them continuously of how much time they have left before the delivery will auto complete. (This is to protect yourself from being ripped off and gives the buyer three days to either dispute, or comeback for the remainder of the listing)

  2. do nothing with the listing (ie leave it alone) and wait until it either expires risking a cancel on a partial delivery, or come to forums to post his issues. While also maintaining contact with the individual through the listing, or atleast attempting to.

I would assume option 1 would be currently against the way the platform is setup, all though for trusted individuals and in that case in point. One could argue that depending on how each case scenario of how each individual handles said scenario that the first option seems to be the best. All though in the current terms against the rules, so they’d technically be rolling the dice in the grey area. Now If only if we had another option for certain said scenarios it may not only help alleviate the issues users have, but also the amount of tickets caused by these grey areas. While also allowing customer support to organize their help system by further enhancing the options for buyers and sellers in the issue they face with their current listing. Allowing support to quickly identify the issues at hand based on the problem options selected.

Gameflip could implement a sort of problem button, which may be problematic for support at first as users may abuse it. However if you can manage it a problem button could do a numerous amount of functions but not limited to.

Freezing the listing/purchase until both parties agree that the issue has been addressed, ie both have to confirm a unpause listing timer. Which could then allow sellers and users the option to further assists the users when issues arise on there side, while also protecting the sellers. Both parties would also both have to agree to freeze the transaction, ie both parties have to submit the button. Now if one submits the button and the other doesn’t then the transaction could continue as normal.

Think of this as a quick check before the real issues arise, or the transaction continues like normal.

Now I cant specifically think of one particular way one could abuse the problem button depending on its limitations but for this case scenario specifically.
However if anyone has any ideas for further elaboration feel free to contribute or share your thoughts! If anyone would like me to further elaborate on anything just let me know!

Thanks for reading!

My own opinion -
Based on your scenario, I assume this is set to 1 day. You can change it to 3 days. The first day is usually when you give the item and finish the transaction. However, if that happens, you have 2 more days.

If buyer needs more than 2 days after receiving the some of the items, it does indicate that he/she is likely a scammer.

This rarely happens. I have never encountered it before. I have sold multiple listings that contained multiple items.

This situation only happens if

  1. The buyer really has to go (something unexpected happened or the buyer has something urgent that he/she has to attend)
  2. Buyer is trying to scam.

In that case, setting delivery method (coordination to 3 days) will solve it since everything will happen on day 1. You will have 2 extra days to coordinate with the buyer and deliver. If the buyer is trying to scam, the buyer will contact/reply you only at the second/third day or even just ignore you.

Applying to your scenario, if you gave 3 of the items on the first day and buyer replied that he/she will be back at a later time , you have 2 more days to send the other 2 items. It rarely happens and even if it happens, there is no reason for the buyer to not be able to come online for a short while within the next 2 days to collect the rest of the items.

This will not work if the buyer is a scammer. He/she will just find an excuse and not press it.

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Appreciate the response, I’ve only encountered the issue once but figured I’d post about it here Incase others encounter the issue. On the bright side I didn’t get scammed and I coordinated with the seller for a future meet up as well! Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:

Also the buyer in my scenario didn’t have enough inventory space, so he purchased a listing that stated you need membership inorder to hold everything. I assume this only happened due to the buyer not reading my full listing, they weren’t trying to scam, nor did they have to leave. They basically had to wait to purchase membership (more inventory space) and then came back but it all worked out in the end thankfully.