Support tickets take too long time

I’m a member of the Ultra club which Includes VIP seller support and I got VIP support codes several times as I was one of top sellers of the month but although of that my tickets take too long. Actually I have to open tickets every month related to Bitcoin withdrawal issues but my ticket take two weeks to be resolved. We need a radical solution to this problem an I believe that Gameflip is able to resolve this issue. Can you add a Payment method with a stable Coin?

My current ticket ID is 603984

My code is 4KU9ZE

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I fully support your statement, I feel like GameFlip can achieve more greatness, if they expand their business by adding different crypto payouts, maybe the return of Paypal? And to hire more support staff that’s capable of understanding this type of business.


Hello everybody,

This bitcoin topic has already been discussed and it’s always under analysis for better prices and fees but there are many variables that need to be taken account, so it’s not that simple.

No, unfortunately, PayPal is not an option anymore.

@fun33 in where in the world you got those numbers? Please note that If you keep spreading fake information you will get muted