2 problems with Gameflip: terrible customer support and bad suspension system
-Originally I did not know you couldn’t sell accounts on gameflip since it violates TOS, so I was emailed saying do not relist or possible suspension could occur but instead of just warning me, I got suspended… I tried emailing multiple times and ZERO responses
-I then create a new account and try buying items. It asks me to take pictures of my debit card which I did but the resolution was bad. I get notified to retake the pictures and try again, but get suspended AGAIN for “Involvement in other suspicious or fraudulent activity.”
-If anyone can help please do
-Invite code for main: ZXXHYU
-Invite code for 2nd: E4MD2U

So you were warned by email and then suspended for selling accounts. Then you created a new account to get around the suspension which is why the second account was suspended. You provided the reasons for both suspensions.

Most people don’t realize that technology can detect “suspicious activities”, which is a fancy way of saying activities that “normal users” don’t do.

Try creating a ticket explaining the situation. If it isn’t so bad (as you said, you didn’t know), they may let you off the hook.

I just answered your ticket. Thank you.

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