Taking Pictures of Products


So one thing that I’ve noticed is that, with the camera ability to take pictures of your products being kind of buggy and not letting people focus the picutre, I figured I’d give a trick to helping your phone to auto focus while also giving some tips on what pictures should be taken.

1) How to Auto Focus:
To be fair, this is more of a “How to make your camera focus before you move to much” but the shorter title sounds better. Anyway, when you are planning your picture of your game or other product, make sure that all parts of the product are shown. Stay as still as possible for you phone and let it try to adjust, if that doesn’t work, exit out of the program for the picture capture and try again, because we’d rather have a clear picture we can all understand and see rather then a picture we have to cross our eyes at to understand.

2) What Should Be Captured
If it’s just a game, make sure to take a picture of the front of the box so that we can see what game it is, and then the inside of the box so we can see all the products on the inside and see if their is anything missing like the manuals. taking a picture of the back may be necessary if their is any damage to the case or cover art that needs to be shown. This gives the buyer the ability to see if the product is worth the price of what you posted. Otherwise, all we have to go on is the impression that their maybe is a game in the box.

As to products, the same go’s for anything like conceals or toys. If the toys have never been opened, great just leave them their. If they have but you still have the box, not a bad idea to say that you still have said box. If no box is available, don’t worry about it to much but remember to reduce the price a hair since some people collect these toys. If it’s something like a console, then you need to take extra steps to prove your products are good. Don’t just leave a picture of the box or a far away picture of it sitting on the table. It would be best to see close up parts of the outside of the console like the fan so we can see any damage from it and close ups of the main system itself. Having pictures of the system with games is fine, but the main focus should be just the system for a few pictures and the games in their own pictures also. Following the same setup for the games pictures that come with the system so that we know the higher price tag for a system we all can look up and see online and know is a lower price value at GameStop is worth the extra bell’s and whistles.

Well those are my points that I wanted to put in. If anybody has anything else to add to what I’ve said, then go ahead and post it here!


I have encountered similar issues when taking close up pictures with digital cameras because not all cameras were created equal. Some are quite good at taking close ups and others are not (like my tablet). The auto focus hunts a lot for a clear picture unless conditions are near perfect at times which can be frustrating.

I use a few tricks learned in a college photo class and they help a lot. A camera’s auto focus will always hunt more in low light situations so make sure the object is very well lit. This will help ensure the camera is not fighting against poor lighting conditions to focus the available light.

A great way to further steady the shot is to stage the subject, then prop your elbows on a motionless surface when holding the camera. Using a table, nearby chair, or anything else that can support your weight without wobbling works great. This will minimize camera jitter (similar to a tripod) and usually allows the camera plenty of time to auto focus without you or the camera moving around too much.


Nice tips guys. In order to help everyone to take clear pictures and sell their products on Gameflip, we’re finalizing the tests on a new Android client that will fix the pixelated photo image and will also let you use photos from you gallery.

Stay tuned for the update!


I’m just here so I don’t get fined. Or so that I can enter the contest. one of those.


Thanks @op_JOkEr and good luck with that update, but what is being done for something like that for iPhones?


Hi Raxynus,

Do you have an iPhone? The camera on iOS should be already fine in terms of quality and there’s the option to use photos from your gallery.


Hi @op_JOkEr,

Yes I do have an iPhone, and it does work to pull photos from the gallery and so on, but I’m working out of an iPhone 4s so I’m pretty sure that it’s not going to be great ya know?


Hello everyone, I have 1 really great tip for buying and sellimg here on GameFlip. I reccomend ( especially on purchases of $25 or more and fragile/ unique items) that you, ( if your a buyer) take pics of the item and condition before sending and also show the packaging. even better if you record with video. OR if your the buyer and you are receiving an item ( record yourself opening the package. Kind of like a lootcrate unboxing. When i receive an expensive product(s) i will record the package itself before opening, then i will record myself opening the package. I then show the condition of each item and comment on them as im filming. If its satisfying for you and there are no problems i just delete the video and rate my buyer,
If a problem should arrive as its not as described or got damaged during shipment or etc, then contact Gameflip then let them know you have pics/ video and where to go from there. ( i did this once and uploaded my video to youtube and gave them a link to view and i got a refund)

Hope this helps everyone.
by the way it doesnt have to be $25 or more you can do it on any purchase even a $3 purchase its just up to your preference.
-Vincents Gaming