Transaction hold after completing trade

Hello ! This Hamid Said person bought two games from my account and put a transaction hold for one of the games asking for money back . The problem is that the code is automatically sent to the buyer after payment so i dont know what i should do . If i cancel the transaction i get my code back unused (and without the possibility that he is able to use it in thefuture) or it is the possibility that he used the code and now he asks for a refund? PS : Excuse my english , hope you understand what i mean . Thank you !

Hey, if the code was sent, the buyer has access to it whether you cancel the transaction or not.

So it is up to you if you want to refund the buyer or not, if you trust him or not.

Can you please send me the transaction ID so I can check the dispute?


Sure ! Here it is e625deb6-dc16-46ec-b8f7-3ed7fe8e9a57

I cleared the hold off from the purchase, you may rate the buyer so you can receive your money as sson as possible.

Thank you for the help ! :slight_smile:

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