Unfair 10 bad reps

Hi all, I have problem with one buyer. I selling mosty Windows 10 codes, I had 2 problems with one customer, proparly solved case, buyer removed dispute left me positive feedback. On second problem I got him he trying to scam me for 0.92$ Minecraft code (big money in game :smile:) But I anyway got him new code, and told he will be blocked after we solve this case. He cleared dispute, left me positive feedback. I blocked him, to not try again same. I always checking codes so I guarante for valid. (First problem was I messed codes 5 codes posted 2 times xD)
Same buyer buying from me last 5-7 days almost every day. he left lot of positive feedbacks, after I blocked him he left 10 negativ reps from first purchases…
My profil code: R22AKR

After I blocked him waking this morning and I saw this:
10 bad comments in total

All those 10 negative reps are from 5 days ago purchases.
I left all good feedbacks when 3 days period expried always to every buyer

he didn’t complain for orders where he put negative feedback, according to his actions, if there was any problem he should at same moment open dispute and contact me but he didn’t, so this is obviusly abusing reputation sistem, some angry kid caught in fake report for 0.92$ code, and stoped for futhure scams and he got angry…

Sorry for bad english, I am really pissed off now, I sold here 770+ items, Only got one negative when I started selling, first name of This profile Was RGKS Random Game Key Store, I started selling packs of 5 and 10 games, one customer wasn’t happy with games and he left me negative rep, since that didn’t got any one negative rep, until this angry kid minecraft user…

Hello, fastest way is still to submit a ticket to support as they solve problems like this very fast.
Support is really fast and helpful. Same pictures and description that you wrote would do.

Link to Submitting a Ticket to Support - https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

I 100% understand you as I have gotten into the same situation as you before. Some people are just like that and I would just block them without telling them because telling them would just make them rage more.

Edit : Do not need to get angry about someone like him. There will always be more people like him. Throughout the times in gameflip, you will probably see more people like him and you got to deal with it more professionally,ignore him or just block him. (From my experience of selling since December 2018) Goodluck!

Also a TIP - Never Rate Someone Until they Rate you first. If they rate you bad FOR NO REASON, You send a ticket + give them a Bad Review. His bad review gets removed and ur bad review on him will stay. (ALWAYS WORK)


Thanks, I will send ticket to support.

Alright, was editing my post haha. Don’t worry, as long proof is there, your ratings will be removed easily and remember to NEVER rate until the other person rates first :slight_smile:

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Thank you, never had isues here, didn’t know what to do, so I posted it here.

Same problem, he gave me one negative for no reason.

As advised, best to contact support by sending a ticket with all relevant screenshots and order ID.

Support will then ask for more evidence if needed (for more serious cases)(usually for bad ratings is pretty easy to clear if they gave it for no reason.)

They will then proceed to remove it as long it is the truth.

Link to support - https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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@RandomGameKeys As I mentioned to you via DM, looks like your issue has been solved.

@Boky Feel free to DM me your issue, so I can further check it for you.

@Sparkling_Juice As always, thanks for the help!

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