Users leaving accidental negative feedback?

I have sold without problems before, only problems that have occurred are with a few scammers who lost the disputes.

A user who bought from me did not give me feedback at the time, he did not respond to any messages that I sent asking him kindly to leave feedback. However, 3 days after he purchased the listing when it comes to finalizing funds he left me a negative feedback without any comment. I believe this was accidental otherwise he would have messaged me in the 3 days when I asked him TWICE to leave feedback for the trade, on top of this if the code was not working/had problems he would have disputed it. Could you remove the feedback/change it to positive please staff, I don’t want customers looking at my profile to then be put off from purchasing - I almost have 200 positive feedback in 3 months of selling, just 1 negative.

This is the user I am referring to:

Invite Code: KKR9BS

I have previously asked for Feedback to be removed when people have left negative or neutral feedback because they didn’t like the game that they bought.

I didn’t come to the forums about it but referred it to Support and basically was told it had been reviewed and they decided to take no action.

People do not take kindly to being pressured into leaving Positive Feedback and it is a real possibility that the Negative Feedback was genuine.

I feel your pain but a few unwarranted negatives and neutrals seems to be the nature of the beast. For every 50 sensible buyers there is 1 less sensible one leaving negative feedback because they didn’t enjoy a game with a 95% reduced price.

I’m going to respond by saying the negative feedback can’t have been genuine. It was for an Xbox Code granting him $15 to spend on anything on the market, there are never issues with my codes, the product description states exactly what it is. The buyer can’t “not like” the product because it’s not for a specific game, he can spend the $15 on whatever he likes, I can’t comprehend how he left a negative.

Feedback can reflect more than the product that has been bought but also the experience that people received.

This is why boutique shops with massive mark-ups in price still exist because they provide more than just a product but an experience and an illusion of grandeur.

I am not saying that it is right but it is possible that the negative feedback was left because they felt pressured into providing positive feedback OR they hoped a negative would mean they didn’t pay. It is hard to know but we can speculate.

As you can see from my previous post I share your pain. You can do everything right and sometimes you will just get unlucky with a bad buyer. I have had negatives with no comments, neutrals and negatives with people saying they felt the price was too high or that the game wasn’t as good as they had thought it would be. None of these things are my doing. I don’t make people pay the price they paid (and all my prices are below the lowest price the game has ever been listed for sale - except a few high seller AAA Games that I acquired at their highest discount ever), I don’t make the games but I definitely provide the details for someone to review the game and satisfy themselves that it is something they want.

I do hope that you get your negative feedback removed. It will make me take any poor and unwarranted feedback to the forums from now on as Support certainly didn’t seem to care about it being unwarranted when I went down that road.

I understand, at least he left no rude or irrelevant comments for the feedback he left. I have enough positive feedback to show I’m a trustworthy seller so it doesn’t bother me too much, I just hope other people don’t get put off because I know for a fact that if a user had multiple negatives I would prefer not to deal with them, depends on the scenario, if he has 1000 positive feedback and 5 negatives then I wouldn’t care, if it was 100 positive and 5 negative then it COULD lead me to not deal with that user.

Thanks for your response though, helps having someone whose been through a similar experience.

Hello, after evaluating your case, I was able to remove this negative rating of your account.

Thank you.