Where to send Evidence on disputed order

Hi, I have a problem today where I sold someone traps today on fortnite save the world, and he took the items and joined my party had a good talk and he did not rate me. I have pictures to prove I was playing with him and was in his lobby dropping him the items I sold. He instantly disputed and I do not know where to send picture evidence to for this disputed order.

Hello there

Evidence can be submitted at This Link

Thank you very much, this post can be closed now im not sure how that works

Well Gameflip support will judge who is trying to scam. Buyer or the seller. They will read everything from your chat with buyer, match the provided Gamer tag or ID in chat and on video or on screenshots, if trade is sent to correct GT/ID and of course trade is complete they will remove the Dispute and let you claim you money.

Are you using the website, the Android app, or iOS app?

If you’re using the website, did you see this box on the exchange_seller page?

You can also submit evidence on the support icon tab on the left side:

Please don’t create a new ticket just to submit evidence, because it would be a duplicate ticket of the same issue (which was created when the buyer disputed).

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