Why do I constantly miss deals logging into paypal through this garbage site

Why does gameflip whenever I’m at checkout not let me use PayPal and login to authorize? I never got to use my “WELCOME” code because anything I wanted sold out way before I got a chance to use it because of this broken garbage system. Why would I use a service that doesn’t even work? Am I an idiot? am I doing something wrong by trying to login to my PayPal at checkout? Am I doing something wrong by putting trust in this garbage website?

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Maybe add funds and not use paypal at checkout?

How much discount does welcome code give

@MaxJayn The welcome code is applied to your first purchase only, of a single item, since the max amount of discount from it is $5.

@Gamergamer7 No need to insult the site.
Im sorry you had a issuse but its better to ask for help versus insult the site
(Gameflip gives out a lot of discounts codes randomly)

If you’re having a issuse try asking a Moderators or using Submit a Ticket

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You can use PayPal checkout if the item is between $10 to $100. Otherwise you have to use your added funds. The fee amount is the same regardless if you use the credit/PayPal checkout or added funds.

Going to tell everyone to leave because you and a few people had a bad experience? What about all the other people who had good experience on gameflip and saved alot of money or made alot? Just going to throw everyone under the bus?

What about everyone who was scam or had issuses on these 2 other sites? If you want to leave gameflip fine but stop telling people to leave because you had issuses with it.

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Look I dont know how much you are being paid to support gameflip agenda but I am just giving a sound advice to a new person.

I’m not being paid. If I believe in something and i think its good site I’m just giving them “ADVICE” too. You’re giving them advice base off your bad times. Im giving them advice bad on my good times.

If you’re going to only say bad things I will only say good things.

Im going to stop replying to you but I will reply here and there if you keep saying bad things about gameflip to people on the forums. Im sorry you had a few bad times but basically telling people to give up on gameflip is wrong.

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Add money to Your wallet. Voila…

Hello hello!

If you are facing any issue purchasing or adding funds, just contact me here via PM or as suggested previously, open a support ticket.

I’m sure our team will be able to help you further.