Why does money from selling a game come quicker?

I sold a game the other day and the money came in 2 days. But I sold a gift card after and it’s taking a whole week to come

i suspect it’s because gift cards are more often involved in fraud and things like that, it just happend to me, i purchased amazon gift cards worth €100 and they were revoked by amazon because they were either revoked by seller or purchased with a stolen credit card, thankfully gameflip refunded me

so i think it’s to protect against fraud.

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Dude starbucks just revoked all my purchased gift cards from gameflip. I have to make sure I find whos who and send it to them and my bank and credit card companies

don’t do a chargeback with you bank, this will only lead to a ban from Gameflip, instead contact support so they can look into the matter and refund you. Make contact and upload all the evidence here: https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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I see that there is nothing to answer here, as Oscar_Ha has already answered precisely this topic.

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