Buyer Scam after using the code

Hi there. One of my sold items is under dispute from few hours ago. I have all the proofs of purchase and screenshots that I sold correct code. I already sent them through dispute dialog within transaction. Btw, codes I’m selling here are always 100% valid and form official stores (with receipts and stuff), or from direct gift link redeemed only by me. That’s how I was able to keep perfect score as a seller so far.

So, from this thread I can conclude if this buyer send you proof that the code is already used and that his account doesn’t contain this game - dispute will be closed in his favor? Every user can send code to a friend/alternate account first and wait until it’s activated elsewhere before opening a dispute.

I’m writing all of this because I’m interested to know what is your process of deciding how to close any dispute if both seller and buyer send you all the proofs you need.

I will not post my invite code and transaction ID, as this is $1,5 item and I’m interested to see how will this work out for me through regular channels.


It’s good question) I’m interested too)

I recommend in the description of the product to specify a video record of the purchase and activation. This way it will be harder for scammers to fool us.

Do you mean like adding a requirement in the selling products that the buyer should record the usage of the key?
If it is what you meant, there might be two problems:
1 - The regular consumer might/will not want to have the extra work and will just buy from someone else.
2 - GameFlip’s moderators might consider this term of agreement null and void, rendering it useless.


You write the truth. But how do you see a way out of these problems?

Buyers that try to scam are rarely successful from what I gather because in case a dispute is opened and both parties provide evidence it will be resolved by the message from the store which the key came from, and that’s why sometimes disputes take so long to be resolved.
E.g.: a dispute opened by a scammer buyer for a Origin game key. The moderator in charge e-mails Origin to find out IF or WHEN the key had been used. If the key was never used or used after the time of the transaction, the dispute is resolved in favor of the seller. If the key was used before the time of the transaction, the dispute is resolved in favor of the buyer.

The problem arrive when the original store doesn’t provide such informations or when it’s a game code that can’t be tracked. I don’t know how those cases are solved but my guess is that moderators do it by taking into consideration the history of transactions of the involved parties and the evidences provided.
Is that correct @DunnBiscuit @Tali? Any correction in my assertions will be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

To cover for those losses and risks Gameflip could give back to the sellers in some way other than just small flp giveaways.
Perhaps storeseller discounts of some sort?
Or sellers only discount codes from time to time?

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You are correct here.

Also bear in mind, that every case is different from the others, so the investigation process might change to fit the new case.

Thanks for the suggestion regarding this here:

Perhaps storeseller discounts of some sort?
Or sellers only discount codes from time to time?

All pass it to the team so we can see what can be done.

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Dispute I mentioned above is still opened, it’s escalated by buyer few hours ago. I’m not sure if activation time of Steam keys can be tracked. I already provided all of the evidence, not sure what buyer did meanwhile, he just wrote to me “it doesnt work like i try to activate it but it says Dupe Key?” and he post some heavily cropped picture of used code information that could be found everywhere. Will inform about outcome in this topic.

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It takes a few days to solve. My advice is that if you provided evidence and know that your key is not used yet, then don’t worry about it and BE SURE TO BLOCK SE BUYER AFTER THE SALE IS COMPLETED. Otherwise he/she will probably come around and try to scam you again, as reported by Natblidas some weeks ago in a case of a “Skyforge Code buyer scammer”.

P.S.: IRONICALLY the same buyer has just started doing the same with me right now. He bought 2 codes and opened the dispute for one, because this way he will get 2 for the price of 1. Thankfully I read the forum and has seen that he’s a scammer.

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Do not worry. This is not the first time, I always block afterwards. Not just my scammers, but everyone mentioned here on the forum. It looks like you should do that too :slight_smile:

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Just an update. Dispute I mentioned above is closed after 10 days. I’m not sure if it is closed by buyer or Gameflip. I got my money.


At exact same moment transaction is completed I got one neutral review. I provided all the proofs that the code was legit (and it was working code, revealed just before making a listing), so I think that rating is undeserved and I would like it to be removed.

This is order ID - 189ef9fd-6395-4838-ba1d-562446b5e987

My invite code is - EWZQJY

I would still like to know if dispute was closed by buyer or Gameflip, because there is nothing when I click on neutral ratings icon.

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I have faced problems with 2 scammers so far and both times I got a neutral rating. Actually I don’t even see the use of existing neutral ratings now that the ratings are no longer obligatory, but it seems to be a type of automatic rating.

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Yeah, it looks like it’s automatic. That must be changed, silly rule (still waiting for that rating to be removed).

Ratings seem to be as an indication of trustworthy of a seller / buyer.
Just as people are judged by their first interactions , so are buyers / sellers viewed by their ratings. While neutral rating seems automatic more like a Meh … It would give rise to more shift to the right rating than left
Meaning more red than green.
Like a scenario , seller and buyer had miscommunication but finally got their dues, however both would say I had a difficult time with the other , i want him to be given a red sticker.
There isn’t any wiggle room


This happens to me also but mine is on iTunes, some times it’s my mistake but i correct them and the buyer is happy but some buyers tries to take advantage. it’s not that hard to show prove of iTunes, google or amazon validity and that’s why i prefer trading on them.

All seller is legit, and didn’t want dispute.

How to check legit of buyer,

This is an issue which is quite rampant and many scammers tend to do the same things. I did a post on similar issue and made some suggestions , feel free to read and maybe give your own suggestion on the post.

Hi i got a fake dispute that he claim he want to refund but he won’t even contact me i show tons of proofs and stuff but he won the case… he got the item and his money back while me i lost it please help

Hello @Miichan_shi,

Could you please provide me the order ID so I can take a look?

Also, have you opened a ticket for this case?

Godspeed! :trident:

i need help, my invite code is : HGWGLW

Some of my buyer try to scam me!

  1. Order id : e4704f9e-2490-4ae5-b3c5-8db1a84d9f4c
    This buyer open dispute instantly after receive key code and just says “its did not work can u cancel the order?” but when i check i see all good no issue till now, i just try to contact him everytime but his never respond my message. also i was submit this case at yesterday with ticket id : #782112

  2. Order id : f0971124-21ac-43ec-850e-e38096a4887b
    This buyer troll me after redeemed key code for $1.80 all proof already send on Delivery Evidence
    better i give free 10 code to honest people, not for this scammers! coz his will try again and again to get free code via dispute. i was submit this case too at yesterday with ticket id : #782114

  3. Order id : 1e67d93b-390f-4f97-8e1d-85ee1f3d0add (no reason with this, i just report him)
    This sale was completed for $1.63 and he was give me feedback too, but in the next days his come to me and try to get free code. his said “The code isn’t working” so i just check it and says “This code has already been redeemed.” so i just give him all proof coz i never sell bad/same code to buyers and i never use/redeem code for myself.

*i will give replacement/refund to honest buyer only after im checked the issue is valid and need to replaced/refunded, i will approve it for sure and i wll do my best to my buyers!

Thank you!