Dispute - Haven't gotten my refund after bad key in 19 hours...

Order ID


Any mods help resolve my dispute any faster?

More than a day has passed, still dispute unresolved. This is not good at all. My code : WV4HA9. The order number is listed up.

Do not hope, this site is a scam :rage:

Then I’m glad I haven’t spent much ($10). I lost my hard earned money and these people sleep on their pillow every night without thinking of the harm they made to others, incredible. This is fraud, theft.

The site isn’t a scam, as @Roland_Juhasz is saying.

His case is completed different from yours and I already gave him instructions on how to proceed.

We are contacting the seller so we can check more about the code, also, we will need more evidence from your side, from a PC showing the computer timestamp.

This will help us a lot.

You may send this via PM or in the exchange comments as you’ve been doing.

Thank you.

What do you mean by computer timestamp? Please explain further. Thank you

Only instructions what i got is i have to wait. First, wait at least 3 days after 7 days, when its not arrived after 7 days wait more and more. I think its not instruction i have no space to move in this case, you never provide me a reference number or something that i can use further.

this is a highly unreilable site, my case after 2 weeks still unsolved and i think its permanent

I agree, trust pilot is pretty useless. I mean, even Walmart has a 2/5 score (lower than GF). Seems like lots of confused people like you venting rather than trying to work through appropriate channels. For example, you should stick to just one thread of your own rather than posting in Brandon’s where you aren’t likely to get any help.

Brandon, make sure to submit an unedited screenshot of the code not redeeming properly on your computer as well as a picture of your account showing the code was not redeemed to it as evidence in your dispute. Disputes take 3-5 days on average to settle I’d say as they are giving both parties time to work it out, provide evidence, or escalate. Make sure to escalate the dispute as well if the code is not working as this is when support steps in and will issue a refund on your behalf after checking the evidence.

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Thanks for the help here @000

@Roland_Juhasz as I said refunds take up to 10 complete business days to process. And if after that time you don’t receive any refund, you should contact me.

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