What happens when the dispute timer runs out?

A buyer has opened up a dispute and the timer is running out in 14 hours.

The buyer has 0 ratings, and only replies once a day, claiming code doesn’t work despite being in the right region of the code. When asked for evidence, he claims that PS has said the code was already redeemed, and keeps avoiding my demand for evidence. Now, the timer is running out, he hasn’t replied me in 2 days, and i haven’t got a reply from him in my emails showing his evidence. Will the dispute go on to his favor or mine?

I have another question but I don’t really want to open another thread. So here it is: This is another transaction, and buyer has opened a dispute and all and has yet to reply me back. I would like to ask, is it possible to prolong the dispute? The buyer claims he is on a 7 day holiday and it is not possible for him to send evidence, giving him the benefit of the doubt, im willing to wait for him until he reaches back.


Check the answers you seek:

1 - If the buyer doesn’t escalate the dispute (and if you had sent him a message After the dispute was opened), after the timer runs out, you will receive the money (the dispute will be resolved in your favor). But he sill can escalate it. If he does that, only the support team will be able to decide the dispute (there will be no timer after escalation).

2 - To prolong the dispute, he may escalate it to the support team. Make sure that you both explain the situation so the support team will know that you are working to resolve this after he comes back from his vacation.