PF changs fraud

bought these $100 cards from this guy found out these cards were stolen, first time went well but 2nd time the manager told me they were stolen cards and i got in some trouble

Alright , please post your invite code and wait for a mod.
Did you already post your ticket to gameflip and explain the situation with them?
Also do explain your circumstances and how the event unfolded when you went to PF chang’s during the second visit
Also the last negative remark he had was 2months ago.
Did you contact and seller and explain the situation also?

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I can personally testify to Brandon’s claim on this scammer as I have fallen victim to this seller as well. I’ve done everything I could on my side as calmly and politely as possible in order to contact him. However he has blocked me as well.

Link to my post: DigitalDeals (ONLINE) - Gameflip

actually the seller hasn’t scammed if you look at the email you got from the facebook post

edit the lack of communication there after doesn’t make sense, rather than resolving it , the seller seems to cut it off from your later posts.